those who search for traffic accident lawyers in fukushima,sendai,

1 Introduction

Those who were suffering from the traffic accident, and their families may  have a hard time. Suddenly, you or your familiy suffered from traffic accidents, your life changed drastically. It takes time to go to hospital, etc.  The insurance company’s assailant may are not sincere. In this way, you are forced to contact and negotiate with your insurance company yourself when you are in hard time. Currently, there are still few lawyers who advise on the traffic accident problem on the victim side.

Alma, our law firm, actively acts to relieve traffic accident victims. Until now, we have solved many cases like death accidents, higher brain dysfunction, cranial trauma, traumatic cervical syndrome, lumbar sprains, compression fractures of the buttocks, spinal cord injuries, knee injuries, heel disorders, TFCC injury, facial bruises , Deformity of the shoulder joint dislocation, cuff tear damage, movement range restriction of the fingers, restricting the range of movement of the toes, etc.


Our target areas are not only in Koriyama where the office is located, Fukushima Prefecture, Sendai City,  Miyagi Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture.


2  Nature of Tohoku people’s thoughts I think

I myself lived in Fukushima prefecture until I graduated from high school and then returned to Fukushima Prefecture when I became a lawyer. Tohoku people including Koriyama who is the office location are patient, polite and serious.

In some cases, such temperament may have a negative effect. In the situation of settlement of a traffic accident, it is easy for the negative factor to come out. Believing in the insurance company’s argument, I realize that there are many people who think that their contents are appropriate and have settled without knowing the contents well. Also, it seems that many people think that it is okay as it is troublesome to negotiate each other’s presentation or give compensation.

But it is not bad or embarrassing to assert right rights. Especially those who left heavy after-side obstacles in traffic accidents and their families will be charged for rehabilitation and treatment even after the doctor has been diagnosed as having the symptoms fixed. Even if income decreases there will be a limit to cutting down on living expenses. It is the indemnity received from perpetrators to fill that part.

It is completely different from saying selfish or making an unreasonable request because it asserts legitimate rights.


3 Advice on Early Consultation

From our experiences,  as soon as possible after the accident, consulting a lawyer who is focusing traffic accidents leads to the best solution for everyone .

Because, if you encounter a traffic accident, proper response after accident, such as correspondence with hospital and insurance company, will greatly affect the compensation that will be received afterwards.

However, it is the fact that most people suffer from traffic accidents once in their lives, so they do not know how to respond to these. Therefore, by intervening early by a lawyer focusing on traffic accidents, it is possible to solve your problem appropriately.

In particular, you do not have the same knowledges that insurance companies have.

Therefore, at our office, we recommend that you consult with a lawyer handling a lot of traffic accidents as soon as possible after a traffic accident so that proper compensation can be obtained.


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